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Reviewing Omni-Heat

The Clothing Company has been carrying Columbia Sportswear for years, we appreciate the thought and innovative technology that goes into each product. Over the past few years we have introduced their newest innovation, OMNI-HEAT, into The Clothing Company. We carry the OMNI-HEAT Baselayer {which are like Long Johns}, gloves, hats, and winter jackets. The distinct metallic lining of each product increases the circulation of heat throughout your body, it basically reflects the body heat you are losing back into your body.

Being a runner, I decided to try it out for a cold winter run. It was about 24 degrees this morning, and I pulled on my Baselayer leggings from The Clothing Company. Of course, as I first started my legs couldn't warm up, but about 15 minutes into my run I noticed a change in temperature. My legs were warmer, therefore I could move faster.

After my run today, I would recommend OMNI-HEAT to anyone doing anything outside. Camping, skiing, hiking, walking, and yes, running. The Baselayer leggings are at The Clothing Company, and sold for $55. Stop in and get a pair for yourself today!

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